Production of alcohol-based juices from fruits and berries and fruit infusions at Urzhum Distillery JSC


Urzhum Distillery takes an especial pride in its department for production of alcohol-based juices from fruits and berries and fruit infusions.

This industrial workshop was built and launched in 1997 to maximize the range of liqueurs and bitters manufactured by the factory. This is a unique workshop – as there are very few production facilities of this type in Russia.

Over 17 years in the alcohol-based juice market is a considerable track record. Over this time the factory earned recognition from fellow alcohol industries.


The process is based on squeezing fruits and berries by pressing and alcohol preservation of the resulting juice. State-of-the-art processing techniques allow to retain most of the original taste and flavor, vitamins and micronutrients of fresh fruits and berries in the drinks. The workshop capacity is up to 5 metric tons of raw material per hour, i.e. all raw materials supplied during the day is processed and fortified with alcohol right on the spot.

The infusion process never involves mixing of juices of various types, fermented juices, artificial colors, flavors, organic acids and preservatives.



We procure 500 to 800 metric tons of fresh fruits and berries in a season.

Currently the factory owns over 100 reservoirs, their total capacity being over 100 000 decaliters.


The resulting alcohol-based juice is the main intermediate material for our liquors and it is also sold to other manufacturers.

The Urzhum Distillery JSC sales geography for alcohol-based juices is quite extensive and covers industries in Central Russia, Northern Russia and Far East.


Alcohol-based juice from fruits and berries


Alcohol-based juices from fruit and berries are natural juices obtained by pressing fresh ground fruits and berries and fortifying the resulting intermediate juice with rectified alcohol.


Alcohol-based juice range (ethyl alcohol by volume 25%):


  1. Lingonberry alcohol-based juice

  2. Cherry alcohol-based juice

  3. Squashberry alcohol-based juice

  4. Cranberry alcohol-based juice

  5. Strawberry alcohol-based juice

  6. Redcurrant alcohol-based juice

  7. Raspberry alcohol-based juice

  8. Seaberry alcohol-based juice

  9. Rowan berry alcohol-based juice

10. Plum alcohol-based juice

11. Bilberry alcohol-based juice

12. Black chokeberry alcohol-based juice

13. Blackcurrant alcohol-based juice

14. Apple alcohol-based juice


Alcohol-based fruit and berry infusion


Alcohol-based fruit and berry infusions are obtained by infusing fresh and dried fruits and berries in water-alcohol solution.

Available range:


  1. Cranberry alcohol-based infusion (33%)

  2. Rowan berry alcohol-based infusion (45,5%)

  3. Hackberry alcohol-based infusion (45,5%)

  4. Prune alcohol-based infusion (45,5%)

  5. Rose hips alcohol-based infusion (46%)


Delivery of alcohol-based juices and infusions


We deliver alcohol-based juices to our customers in our own vehicles.

However, we can also load packed juices onto the customer trucks.


Alcohol-based juice production is a seasonal process.

That is why we are working with pre-sale requests to calculate the amount of fresh fruits and berries to procure.