Production cycle

Engineering features

Manufacturing capabilities



JSC Urzhum Distillery is a vertically integrated manufacturing enterprise. The distillery building was constructed in early 19th century from ecofriendly materials such as brick and wood. Later new shops were erected during renovation. The distillery is easily accessible by road, furnished with energy efficient equipment, air and climate control systems, backup power and heat supply devices and other advanced machinery. These facilities are indispensable for an advanced energy efficient industrial enterprise with fully automated processes, minimum share of manual labor and, as a result, low production costs.


A raw material facility and a manufacturing facility are involved in the general process to minimize production costs:

1. Grain, fruit and berries growing and sales. Total crop area is over 17,5 thousand ha. Basic crops grown in the fields are wheat and rye. This high-quality fertile grain is totally suitable for Lux alcohol and best quality pure alcohol production.  

2. Alcohol production: the properties of our own distilled alcohol are 3 times as high as the current requirements of GOST R standard. The distillery capacity is about 2 000 decaliters per 24 h (60 thousand decaliters per month on average).

3. Liqueurs and vodkas manufacture and sales.

Total factory capacity is over 1,5 million decaliters of bottled products per year. Our range includes standard vodkas, special vodkas, bitters, liqueurs and balsams.

4. A liquor retail network. The products are sold through wholesalers and by the distillery itself. In its development the company is always guided by traditional Russian standards and supplies only quality products to the stores of Kirov region and other regions. The distillery has over 80 different vodkas and liqueurs in its range.

Engineering Particulars

The quality of products can be traced at each process stage starting from grain growing and ending with vodka manufacture. Vertical integration makes it possible to ensure quality control at each stage of production and sales.

The factory operates an advanced network of engineering facilities including a gas boiler room to supply central heating to the distillery and residential districts of Urzhum; an artesian well with high capacity pumps and cutting-edge water treatment systems; a backup electric power supply unit. A ventilation and air conditioning system serves to create controlled environment in all the factory rooms.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Throughout its history JSC Urzhum Distillery has been preserving traditions of the national beverage production, expanding the range of products and enhancing its manufacturing facilities by investing in renovation and retrofitting. Today the factory is an advanced and high-technology territory for mass consumption product manufacture.
        An important feature is highly flexible bottling lines that are suitable for various bottle sizes, from 0,187 l to 1,5 l. The line capacity is 6000 bottles per hour.

        The bottling unit is fully enclosed to minimize the contact of product with environment. Maximum automation makes the process more convenient for operators and allows elimination of human factor.



The company implements advanced management systems to correctly direct the employees toward corporate objectives.


JSC Urzhum Distillery conducts a consistent social policy in relation to its employees and is engaged in charity work in Urzhum and Kirov region. Over 3,5 million rubles were allocated to charity in 2011.


In its development the company is always guided by the most stringent Russian and international standards and supplies only quality products to end consumers.